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Principles of International Environmental Law 4th Edition by Philippe Sands, ISBN-13: 978-1108431125



  • Format: PDF
  • Publisher: ‎ Cambridge University Press; 4th edition (March 21, 2018)
  • Language: ‎ English
  • 1032 pages
  • ISBN-10: ‎ 1108431127
  • ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1108431125


Advance praise: ‘Principles of International Environmental Law remains the definitive treatise on this vitally important area of international law. The international community faces unprecedented environmental challenges and this work provides a comprehensive assessment of the capacity of environmental norms and institutions to address these threats. The work is an essential reference for anyone interested in the role of international law in preserving a safe operating space for humanity and the environmental systems we depend on in the Anthropocene.’ Tim Stephens, University of Sydney Law School

Advance praise: ‘This book makes one reality brutally clear – that international environmental law cannot and must not be viewed as a subject for international lawyers, scholars, and students to alone savour. Rather, this book illuminates the complex, and often-hidden, ways in which international environmental law permeates both the study and practice of law much more generally. Simply put, this is exactly the book that will allow international environmental law to escape its specialist field billing and to capture the wide attention of all those seeking to understand law and its relationship to the future of this planet.’ Natasha Affolder, University of British Columbia

Advance praise: ‘International environmental law continues to grow in significance and complexity. This new edition by two of the leading contemporary experts in the field is welcome and timely. It provides what must be the most comprehensive and accessible account of the key treaties relating to the environment and the underlying environmental principles of international law. The treatment of international trade and investment law as it affects the environment is especially valuable.’ Richard Macrory, Emeritus Professor of Environmental Law, University College London

Advance praise: ‘This is a ‘must have’ volume for all interested in international environmental law. It is remarkable in its scope and ambition. It locates the subject within the broader framework of public international law and is attuned to contemporary developments in governance practice and theory as well as law. One can only wonder at the breadth of knowledge and insight of the authors.’ Joanne Scott, European University Institute, Florence

Advance praise: ‘This fourth edition of Principles of International Environmental Law firmly establishes this classic text as the authoritative guide for academics, practitioners and students alike. Written in an accessible manner and clearly structured, this book offers a comprehensive overview of the rules of public international law that have environmental protection as their goal. The authors have succeeded in striking the right balance between breadth of coverage and analytical depth. This book is, indeed, a treasure trove of knowledge and information.’ Jolene Lin, National University of Singapore and author of Governing Climate Change: Global Cities and Transnational Lawmaking

Book Description

The new edition of this essential text offers a comprehensive, critical and future-thinking commentary on international environmental law.

About the Author

Philippe Sands is Professor of Law and Director of the Centre on International Courts and Tribunals in the University College London Faculty of Laws. He is also a practising barrister, with extensive experience litigating cases before the International Court of Justice, the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, the International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes and the European Court of Justice.

Jacqueline Peel is a Professor and Associate Director of the Centre for Resources, Energy and Environmental Law at the University of Melbourne Law School, with a background in environmental science and law. She has taught many courses in environmental law, international environmental law and climate change law, and has published widely in the field.


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