About Us

About Us

We are dedicated to bringing you top quality eBooks at slashed prices. We are constantly updating our product list so please check back regularly for the latest titles. 

About Us

eBooksCheaper.com believes in offering the broadest selection possible and aggressive pricing. We currently carry over 2,000 ebooks from the major publishers and small publishing houses. Our goal is to make it easy for you to find good quality eBooks, all in one place. eBooks are here to stay and we want to provide a quality site where people can find what they need quickly and easily.

We strive to produce a large variety of eBooks for our readers pleasure and edification. With eBooks you can have the information you’ve been looking for in front of you in a matter of minutes! Plus you can Search them, and have multiple copies at various locations. How can paper books compete?

This allows us to bring you more quality titles from a single location.

eBooksCheaper.com is one of several website projects being developed by Alpha Net Developers to make our extensive private libraries of publications, resources and accumulated knowledge publicly available.

Why eBooksCheaper.com?

– Always Competitive Pricing

– We strive to meet or beat every competitive ebook price, but this is not a guarantee as competitors will occasionally do un-natural acts

– No clubs, rebates, or other tactics to get your money upfront. You do not have to pay in advance for our prices nor do you have to invest in future purchases. We accept that we’re a bookshop, not a hedge fund;

– Write us at info[at]eBooksCheaper.com if you discover a better price on a title you want to buy. We’ll see if we can better it

– Unlike some of our competitors, we do NOT charge you transaction fees for smaller purchases

Personalized Single-source Customer Support at info[at]eBooksCheaper.com

– E-mail response to each individual customer request

– Instant automated response with latest bulletins from technical support

– Real person response within two hours during the business day; within four hours on nights and weekends. These response times are not a guarantee, but our support team normally betters them

– Single source support – we do not refer you to the format companies or the hardware manufacturers unless we run out of options, a rare event

– Extensive indexed documentation on our FORMATS and HELP pages

Over 2,000 ebooks in the five top formats (TXT, EPUB, MOBI, AZW, and PDF)

– All major publishers

– All leading authors with titles available in ebooks

– Most small publishers

– Send us titles you cannot find; if it’s an ebook we can get in the formats we support, we’ll find it


Some of our competitors charge a transaction fee for smaller purchases to cover their costs. We do NOT charge this transaction fee in that we believe the price should be what it is, and not burdened with hidden costs or other aspects that feel a little like a Reader’s Digest sweepstakes promotion. We are not critical of those that do that. It is just not the straightforward model we want to bring to our customers. We prefer to keep the reading experience as hassle-free as possible, a sometimes difficult challenge with the format wars.

We will attempt to match or beat competitive prices, but make no guarantees that we will do so on every title. With so many titles and competitor clubs and promos, it is challenging to keep up and sometimes challenging to figure out what the other folks are really charging.


We do NOT believe in buyers clubs. These are typically a means of offering discounts and getting money upfront. A little like the health club model, the expectation – and the reality – here is that the majority of buyers will end up NOT buying enough books to justify the buyers club fee. This is smart business for the bookseller because it helps offset the industry’s low margins, but it is NOT such a good deal for the large community of readers who never buy enough books to justify the club.

We keep our prices competitive with club pricing so that our readers do not have to worry about that decision. We do not believe there is a volume or mix of book purchases with a buyers club membership that will be to the buyer’s advantage when compared to straightforward purchases from eBooksCheaper.


We do NOT do rebates, primarily because we just do not like them. For some, rebates are a good thing, but many – including members of our staff – have souvenir drawers full of product rebates that never were submitted or used – particularly in high tech – even though the justification for the purchase was the rebated price. eBooksCheaper embeds the price benefit in our everyday pricing, saving our readers the trouble of keeping up with rebates, submitting to get them, and wondering about all that “cash” they never used. That just feels right to us.

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