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Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases: Definition, Diagnosis, and Management 2nd Edition by Nima Rezaei, ISBN-13: 978-3662529072



  • Format: PDF
  • Publisher: ‎ Springer; 2nd ed. 2017 edition (December 16, 2016)
  • Language: ‎ English
  • 599 pages
  • ISBN-10: ‎ 9783662529072
  • ISBN-13: ‎ 978-3662529072

Primary immunodeficiency diseases (PIDs) are a group of inborn disorders of the immune system, characterized by increased susceptibility to infections, autoimmunity, and cancers. Although PIDs were previously considered rare conditions, the number of diagnosed cases is growing rapidly, and about 300 different forms of PIDs have already been recognized. Nevertheless, because of inadequate medical awareness, misdiagnosis or late diagnosis occurs in a significant number of patients, leading to avoidable morbidity and mortality.

The first edition of this practical reference textbook was widely welcomed by scientists and clinicians from around the world. This new edition has been extensively revised to reflect advances in knowledge and includes various PIDs not previously covered. For each disease, information is provided on definition, etiology, clinical manifestations, diagnosis, and management. Every effort has been made to ensure that, throughout, the text is easy to read and readily comprehensible. The book will represent an ideal resource for specialists when engaging in diagnosis, clinical decision-making, and treatment planning. It will also prove invaluable for doctors in training and other physicians and nurses who wish to learn more about PIDs.


“The purpose is to provide an up-to-date, comprehensive resource for physicians and nurses who have an interest in learning more about immunodeficiencies. … This book’s approach is well organized, up to date, and easy to follow. … I highly recommend this book as a current and comprehensive resource, which also has great clinical relevance for medical students, residents and fellows, and general providers, as well as subspecialists including immunologists.” (Joseph R. Hageman, Doody’s Book Reviews, July, 2017)

“This updated text reviews in detail in 10 chapters the recent advances in this field. Clearly written, the authors review the clinical history, genetic diagnosis of the different entities and their management. For all pediatricians, geneticists and immunologists.” (Zvi Laron, Pediatric Endocrinology Reviews (PER), Vol. 14 (4), June, 2017)


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