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Predatory Prokaryotes: Biology, Ecology and Evolution, ISBN-13: 978-3540385776



  • Author(s): Edouard Jurkevitch
  • Format: PDF
  • Size: 3 MB
  • ISBN-10: 9783540385776
  • 260 pages
  • ISBN-13: 978-3540385776
  • Publisher: Springer; 2007th Edition (January 4, 2007)
  • Language: English



Predatory Prokaryotes focuses on the ecology of predation at the microbial level. It aims to increase the awareness of the great possibilities that predation between microbes offer for studying and discussing basic ecological and general biological concepts.

This volume contains chapters on the diversity, ecology and phylogeny of predatory prokaryotes, introducing models of predator–prey interactions between microorganisms and presenting analyses of the impact of predation in microbial systems. Laboratory work with Bdellovibrio-and-like organisms (BALOs), the most studied predatory bacteria, is presented through accounts of the cultivation and the molecular techniques used for studying BALOs. A first comparative analysis of different BALO genomes is also provided. Further chapters discuss the chemotactic, regulatory and sensory circuits of these ubiquitous predatory bacteria. Finally, the unique biochemicals used as building blocks and new proteins found in BALO cell walls are reviewed.

Table of contents (8 chapters)

– A Brief History of Short Bacteria: A Chronicle of Bdellovibrio (and Like Organisms) Research

– Phylogenetic Diversity and Evolution of Predatory Prokaryotes

– Predation on Bacteria and Bacterial Resistance Mechanisms: Comparative Aspects Among Different Predator Groups in Aquatic Systems

– Mathematical Modelling of Predatory Prokaryotes

– Bdellovibrio and Like Organisms: Potential Sources for New Biochemicals and Therapeutic Agents?

– Genomic Analysis and Molecular Biology of Predatory Prokaryotes

– The Search for Hunters: Culture-Dependent and -Independent Methods for Analysis of Bdellovibrio and Like Organisms

– Ecology of the Predatory Bdellovibrio and Like Organisms


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