A Speaker’s Guidebook: Text and Reference 6th Edition, ISBN-13: 978-1457663536



  • Author(s): Dan O. Hair, Rob Stewart, Hannah Rubenstein
  • Format: PDF
  • Size: 13 MB
  • 534 pages
  • ISBN-10: 1457663538
  • ISBN-13: 978-1457663536
  • Publisher: Bedford/St. Martin’s; Sixth Edition (October 24, 2014)
  • Language: English



A Speaker’s Guidebook is the best resource for public speaking in the classroom, on the job, and in the community. Praised for connecting with students who use it (and keep it!) year after year, this tabbed, comb-bound text covers all the topics typically taught in the introductory course and is the easiest-to-use public speaking text available. In every edition, including this one, hundreds of instructors have helped the book focus on overcoming the fundamental challenges of the public speaking classroom. Print and digital tools converge in this edition to help students with every aspect of the speech building process. A new, gorgeous collection of speech videos, accompanied by questions, model speech techniques. Meanwhile, the adaptive quizzing program, LearningCurve, creates a personalized learning experience adjusted to each individual.

Dan O. Hair is dean of the University of Kentucky College of Communication and Information. He is past presidential professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Oklahoma and past president of the National Communication Association. He is coauthor or coeditor of eighteen communication texts and scholarly volumes and has published more than ninety research articles and chapters in dozens of communication, psychology, and health journals and books. He is a frequent presenter at national and international communication conferences, is on the editorial boards of various journals, and has served on numerous committees and task forces for regional and national communication associations.

Rob Stewart is an associate dean of arts and sciences and professor of communication studies at Texas Tech University. He is coauthor of A Speaker’s Guidebook (2007), Public Speaking: Challenges and Choices (1999), and has also published over thirty articles and book chapters.

Hannah Rubenstein is a writer and editor who has used her academic training in communication (MA, Fairfield University) to guide her collaborations on A Speaker’s Guidebook (2010), Public Speaking: Challenges and Choices (1999), and other successful college texts. She heads her own communication firm, Hedgehog Productions


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